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Will my daughter be staring at a screen all day?

No. The experience that your daughter has had both in school under Covid restrictions, and at home as part of the remote learning program, using a traditional laptop does not represent the full range of activities planned as part of the 1:1 program. In normal times, students are not in fixed seating positions and desk layouts vary. There is much greater variety and movement in the classroom and this will return as soon as restrictions are lifted.

The choice of device which includes tablet functionality and an active stylus enables a very wide range of online learning activities to supplement offline activities. See How will the 1:1 program impact on learning activities? for benefits.

What consideration have you given to posture and ergonomics?

The School will continue to explore the best ergonomic positioning and use of devices in terms of eye strain and fatigue in relation to our student's short and long-term wellbeing. The variety offered by the tablet functionality supports greater movement and thus associated benefits for posture.

Will my daughter be able to access social media on her 1:1 device?

No. The device will be controlled by the School, which will include complete control over which apps installed on the device. Our filtering software will continue to restrict inappropriate content.