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We encourage Pre-Prep and Prep pupils to try new things and explore the world around them to instill positive attitudes to learning

Head's Welcome
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Welcome from the Head of Godolphin Prep

Godolphin Prep is a happy and caring community which values kindness, honesty, imagination and resilience. In partnership with parents, the staff pride themselves on establishing excellent academic and social foundations which are fundamental to the pupils' happiness and confidence.

We benefit from being part of a whole school which has nearly 300 years of history and tradition but is also committed to preparing the pupils to thrive in the 21st century in a beautiful setting with excellent facilities.

To experience the real essence of Godolphin Prep, I would encourage you to come and visit to meet the pupils and the staff to appreciate what we can offer you and your child. We are hosting individual visits throughout the academic year, giving you the opportunity to pop in and see the school in action.

We look forward to welcoming you to our School.

Julia Miller, Head

Do the things
you love

We are passionate about giving children the opportunity to find out who they are and discover what they love in life

Do something to
smile about

We want our pupils to take pleasure in learning so we encourage them to pursue the subjects that make them happy

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Do something that makes you proud

We celebrate everyone’s achievements no matter how large or small, and inspire the pupils to take pride in their own work

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