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School Life


Pastoral care is hugely important at Godolphin and one of our key strengths. The wellbeing of our students is our top priority and our team of experienced and caring staff support every one of them with care and sensitivity.

Our nurturing approach is evident through close working relationships between tutors, subject teachers, boarding staff and parents. We stay in close contact with parents through regular reports and meetings, and encourage them to come to Friday assemblies to celebrate student's achievements. Students themselves meet daily with their tutor and are encouraged to discuss successes and concerns as well as what’s going on in their own world and the wider world around them. Our School Chaplain, Becky Ayres-Harris is also on hand to provide additional support along with the School Counsellor, the relevant Head of House and Dandy Brining, the School Nurse.

Students and parents have praised the staff within inspection reports for their excellent relationships with students and the outstanding guidance received through the PSHCEE (Personal, Social and Health, Citizenship & Economic Education) programme. We actively encourage all students to look after each other, take responsibility for their own actions and help others so we can continue to build a happy and thriving community.