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How does the student 1:1 device program work?

Every student in the First to Fifth Year is supplied with a Surface Pro device which is owned and managed by the school.

Godolphin Sixth students supply their own choice of device with an active stylus as part of their transition from school into further study or employment.

Who owns the Surface Pro device?

The ownership of the Surface Pro sits with the School. It is not possible to buy the device outright at any stage.

What happens to the Surface Pro at the end of the lease?

The device will be returned to the leasing company. This means that we can ensure that students continue to use up-to-date devices throughout their time at Godolphin.

Who pays for the Surface Pro?

The School pays the leasing costs. There are no up-front costs to parents other than a one-off charge on the first school bill after a student has been issued with their Surface Pro. This amount, currently £62 but subject to change due to inflation, covers the cost of the active stylus and a rugged protective case. The rugged case is necessary for the school’s insurance to cover the device but if owned by the student it can be customised and personalised by them.

Why can’t my child use a personal device?

For the School to have full control of both the device and the software installed on the device, it must be owned by the School. This means that the School has complete control over which apps are installed on the device. Our filtering software will continue to restrict content to that which we consider suitable. This will prevent our students from using messaging or social media platforms on the device or accessing inappropriate content.

What are the arrangements for headphones?

Headphones are often needed in lessons and during Prep time to allow students to individually access multimedia study material, such as video and audio, without disturbing others. As such, all students in the senior school (including Godolphin Sixth) are expected to supply their own headphones and have these available at all times in lessons and for Prep. A cheap pair of ear buds is suitable. A set of headphones is included on our uniform list as an item of required equipment.

Can students access inappropriate content on the Surface Pro?

No. The device is controlled by the School, which includes complete control over which apps are installed on the device. Our filtering software restricts inappropriate content.

Can the Surface Pro be charged at School?

We provide every First to Fifth year student with access to a charging locker in the boarding house, including all Sarums. The device has been chosen as one with a good battery life, so full overnight charging should be sufficient. However, students can charge devices at break or lunchtime if needed. Students should not charge devices in lessons.

Can the Surface Pro be used at home?

Yes. The device can be used at home for academic use only and our filtering and monitoring software will remain active. You may wish to purchase an additional Microsoft Surface Pro charger for use at home to avoid your child needing to transport the charger between home and school. These are available from any Microsoft supplier.

Can the Surface Pro be used for personal use?

No. The device is supplied for academic use only. This means that distracting notifications and personal content are separated from academic work.

Why are Godolphin Sixth students excluded from this scheme?

In Godolphin Sixth we wish to continue to give students the freedom to choose their own device. In alignment with our mission to enable our students to “go out into the fast-paced modern world and thrive” and driven by consultation with Godolphin Sixth, we offer our students the opportunity to supply their own device with an active stylus. This gives our students the opportunity to participate fully in our digital-first approach to teaching and learning whilst getting used to the device that they will use when they finally leave Godolphin.

If you need advice on a device purchase, please contact Mrs Davis ( who will be happy to help.

What happens if the Surface Pro or peripherals are lost, damaged, or stolen?

To encourage our students to take good care of their Surface Pro device and peripherals, in the event of loss, damage, or theft charges are levied on the next school bill as follows:

Surface Pro or peripheral hardware failure

Our comprehensive hardware warranty covers the Surface Pro device against hardware failure throughout the device lease period. Type covers (keyboards), chargers and styluses are not covered by our hardware warranty. However, we will absorb the cost of any hardware failures affecting these peripherals.

  • Hardware failure of Surface Pro: no charge
  • Hardware failure of type cover (keyboard): no charge
  • Hardware failure of charger: no charge
  • Hardware failure of stylus: no charge

Surface Pro or peripheral theft or loss

In the case of theft, our insurers require a crime number from the police. Where this is supplied, we will claim on our insurance for the Surface Pro. Our insurance has an excess of £500. In the case of theft, the School will charge a contribution to the insurance excess as follows:

  • First theft claim: £250
  • Second theft claim: £500

We will absorb the replacement cost of peripherals where theft (validated by a crime number) has occurred.

In the case of Surface Pro loss, we will also claim on our insurance. In the case of Surface Pro loss, the School will charge the full insurance excess.

  • First or subsequent loss: £500

Where a peripheral has been lost, we will replace the item and charge the full replacement cost on the next school bill. Replacement costs are currently as follows:

  • Stylus: £19
  • Type cover: £94
  • Protective case: £43
  • Charger: £60

Surface Pro or peripheral damage

Damage to the Surface Pro or its peripherals are not covered by either insurance or hardware warranty. Some students need to take better care of their devices to minimise the likelihood of damage occurring. Typically, damage to student devices occurs due to impact or liquid spills.

To encourage students to take good care of their devices, charges will be levied by the School from 31 October 2022 for damage to a Surface Pro or peripherals to cover the Microsoft out-of-warranty repair cost.

Currently, all First years use a Surface Pro 8. Most other students use a Surface Pro 7+.

How can the likelihood of damage be reduced?

To minimise the likelihood of damage to a student's Surface Pro and peripherals we recommend that:

  • When using the stylus, the Surface Pro stand is always closed, and the Surface Pro is used flat on a table or other surface
  • Liquids are always kept away from Surface Pros and peripherals
  • Devices are always treated with care

In addition, we recommend the following optional purchases:

  • Glass screen protector for Surface Pro 7+ / Surface Pro 8 (same size)
  • Padded case for Surface Pro 7+ / Surface Pro 8 (same size)

Suitable glass screen protectors and padded cases can be easily purchased online.

We recommend that devices, type cover keyboards, styluses, cases and chargers are all labelled.