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What is a student 1:1 device program?

From September 2021, every student in the First to Fourth Year will be supplied with a device which is owned and managed by the school. This program will expand into the Fifth Year in September 2022. The device is controlled by the School and is locked down so that it can only be used for academic purposes. It can be used at school and off-site.

Who owns the device?

The ownership of the device will sit with the School. It will not be possible to buy the device outright at any stage.

What will happen to the device at the end of the lease?

The device will be returned to the leasing company. This means that we can ensure that students continue to use up-to-date devices throughout their time at Godolphin.

Who pays for the device?

The School pays the leasing costs. This means that there is no additional cost to parents other than a small one-off charge of approximately £100 per First to Fourth Year student on your September 2021 bill to cover the cost of the active stylus and a rugged protective case. The exact amount will be confirmed once the purchase price has been agreed with suppliers. The rugged case is necessary for the school’s insurance to cover the device but if owned by the student it can be customised and personalised by them.

Why can’t my daughter use a device that she already owns?

For the School to have full control of both the device and the software installed on the device, it must be owned by the School. This means that the School has complete control over which apps are installed on the device. Our filtering software will continue to restrict content to that which we consider suitable. This will prevent your daughter from using messaging or social media platforms on the device or accessing inappropriate content.

Can my daughter access inappropriate content on the device?

No. The device will be controlled by the School, which will include complete control over which apps installed on the device. Our filtering software will continue to restrict inappropriate content.

What happens if the device is lost, damaged or stolen?

The devices will be covered for accidental damage and theft under the School’s insurance policy with a £250 excess for each claim. The School will cover this excess for the first claim for a student. To encourage students to care for their device, 50% of the excess on a second claim will be charged and 100% of a third and any subsequent claims. Spare devices will be available for a student whilst their device is repaired or replaced under the policy should that be necessary. A stock of active styluses will also be held on site. If a student loses their stylus a new one will be issued. The cost of the replacement stylus will be added to the next school bill. Once this has occurred, it will not be possible to return the replacement stylus if the original is subsequently found.

Will my daughter be able to charge the device at School?

We provide every First to Fifth year student with access to a charging locker in the boarding house, including all Sarums. The device has been chosen as one with a good battery life, so overnight charging is expected to be sufficient. However, it will be possible to charge the device at break or lunchtime if needed. Students should not need to charge devices in lessons.

Can the device be used at home?

Yes. The device can be used at home for academic use only and our filtering software will remain active.

Can the device be used for personal use?

No. The device is supplied for academic use only. This means that distracting notifications and personal content are completely separated from academic work.

Why are Fifth Year and Sixth Form students excluded from this scheme?

Fifth Year students are excluded in 2021-22 as we do not wish to cause any disruption to their studies in the middle of an exam course.

In the Sixth Form we wish to continue to give students the freedom to choose their own device. A device purchased for use in the Sixth Form is likely to continue to be used when your daughter leaves School. This gives her the opportunity to make her own choice and to be familiar with this device when she leaves Godolphin, so that she is not grappling with new technology when she starts university or other activities.

If you are making a device purchase for your Fifth or Sixth Form daughter, you may wish to consider a laptop or 2-in-1 device with an active stylus. This will provide a richer experience, but is not mandated. If you need advice on a device purchase, please contact Mrs Davis ( who will be happy to help.

Sixth Form students all have access to charging facilities in their studies or dorms.

Which year groups will be included in the 1:1 device scheme?

Students will be issued with their devices ready for use in lessons in the first week of the Autumn Term. Exact arrangements are yet to be confirmed and will be communicated nearer the time.