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The Sixth Form Centre is a space for young adults, providing a pastoral base for Godolphin Sixth students. Staffed and equipped to work closely with staff and support their studies.

Head's Welcome
Julian Leang

Welcome from the Head of Godolphin Sixth

As a member of the Sixth Form at Godolphin, you will work closely with dedicated, experienced teaching and pastoral staff in order to achieve your academic and personal potential. We are rightly proud of the excellent academic opportunities available here, and of the Sixth Form’s philosophy and environment, which will enable you to develop leadership skills and to become an independent learner with a strong sense of personal responsibility and self-motivation, ready for whatever your future may hold.

Here you will learn in partnership with the academic staff, and smaller teaching groups allow for considerable individual guidance, enabling you to get the most out of your chosen subjects. In readiness for higher education, you have a significant amount of freedom and independence and can choose when and how you study. We will help you to learn how to manage your time so that you can keep on top of your work and enjoy Sixth Form life to the full.

Being part of the Godolphin Sixth Form is an unforgettable experience, and the many benefits will last a lifetime. Our unique Elizabeth Godolphin Award programme offers an outstanding range of enrichment opportunities, and the support and guidance on offer as you progress into higher education or the workplace is exceptional. Our students leave us as independent young adults with a practical skill-set, self confidence and a strong sense of self-worth.


The students are seen as adults in Godolphin Sixth and this is reflected in the many opportunities available to them - from a charity trek in the Himalayas to volunteering for a local charity. We are passionate about giving them the chance to learn new things and try new experiences.

Do what comes naturally

We don’t believe in high pressure learning. Our outstanding academic results are a result of encouraging our girls to focus on subjects that enable them to shine. They always apply themselves and aim high, but it should never be a battle.

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Do something amazing

We want our girls to to cherish their time at Godolphin and move forward in life feeling empowered and able to apply themselves to anything. We encourage them to think big and to grab hold of opportunities when they present themselves.

“ …we are dedicated to equipping our girls and young women with the knowledge, qualifications and character to take their place and be successful in the increasingly challenging world that they will inherit… ”
Emma Hattersley
Emma Hattersley Head

Do what you love

Making sure our girls develop a love of learning and an understanding of what gives them pleasure in life is a top priority. Our job is done if they leave us and go on to pursue a career in something that makes them happy.

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