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Pastoral Tips

Parents often ask us for advice concerning different issues and worries parents may have around their daughter and adolescence.

Here are some useful tips including copies of presentations used in workshops, help sheets you can print off and links to useful websites. We also run a series of seminars and workshops for parents, so keep an eye out as they will be promoted on our website and in The Blue Pinny.

The Red Cross have released Home Learning Resources that are available here. "The start of the spring term might look a bit different as we're back to home learning. Just a reminder that we've got a whole host of resources on wellbeing, kindness, loneliness and resilience. They're all available online and can support with home learning or can be used in the classroom.

Parents Warned of Sharp Rise in Eating Disorders. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/hea...

TikTok - Parents should be aware of unhealthy content on the app. Tiktok has added tougher parental controls. For more information, read the BBC article here.

Wiltshire Police have released advice for parents or carers regarding County Lines.

TeenTips have created a blog with tips & guidance on how to support and prepare your children for the return to school. Visit their website and read the blog.

Dr Dominique Thompson who will be speaking at Go Parent 2020 has written a special *free* Five Step Guide for parents of teens this (very strange!) summer. You can download the guide here.

Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week, Mental Health Foundation remind us that kindness matters not just today but every day of the year so please do keep their Kindness Matters Guide for tips and ideas on acts of kindness, for yourself, friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Teen Tips have created a Parents Guide to TikTok.

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust has created webinars for students and staff in colleges. "We have produced a series of short webinars for colleges, all presented by our experienced mental health trainers. Within these sessions our trainers share information and explore strategies for maintaining positive mental health, paying attention to our own wellbeing and supporting those around us. We hope you will find them useful and engaging. Watch the webinars here.

Coping in Quarantine "Living with anxiety or OCD in these conditions can be terrifying, and having spent years obsessing over germs, diseases and viruses, I have come to terms with how to deal with my obsessions, and the compulsions that follow them. Upper Sixth Student, Isabella Butterworth shares her top tips for those suffering with anxiety about COVID-19.

Keep up to date with how to ensure your families social media profiles are secure during lockdown -https://swgfl.org.uk/resources/checklists/

Snapchat is a social media platform very popular with young people. They have introduced the feature Use My Eyes Only for privacy on the app. The guide for How to Use My Eyes Only is here.

Dr Kathy Weston has 15 years experience as a social researcher with a particular interest in parenting, education and family life. Dr Weston has created a useful guide on buying your child's first phone, view the guide here.

National Online Safety have created great 'What you need to know about...' posters which provide top tips for parents on the use of various social media platforms. Click the link to view the following: Online Grooming, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Sexting.

John Perry is Principal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication, Lead for Communication Skills Theme and for Student Selected Units in Peer Teaching and Counselling Skills. The presentation from his talk 'Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience' can be found here. We also have links to his Mind Your Language exercise, The Facebook Experiment and The Fusion Model's Blackboard Technique for sleep. He also recommended reading the article 'How does breathing make you feel more relaxed?' and information on Insomnia.

For the Common Sense Guide's 'Parents Ultimate Guide to TikTok', follow this link.

Dr Claire Hardaker joined us for our GO Parent: Mental Health and Well-being conference. She has provided us with some information on the risks and realities of young people online.

Satveer Nijjar who came to speak at Godolphin's GO Parent: Mental Health and Well-being day has provided us with some useful websites and apps for people struggling with self-harm.

Alicia Drummond from Teen Tips spoke to girls about Friendships & Relationships. Teen Tips offers practical support for parents and schools.

From Karl Hopwood's talk on e-safety, here is a session for parent's on online safety.

An emotionally healthy approach to GCSEs: a guide for parents provides good advice for parents of Fifth Year students.

Digital Wellbeing is a helpful guide for parents, which was created as part of Childnet’s work in the UK Safer Internet Centre. It is about the impact that the online world can have on the lives of young people. There are some tips on supporting children at different ages. Another article regarding safe internet use can be found here.

Bob Tait travels the country talking to youngsters with the most up to date information regarding alcohol, drug use, (including supply and possession), the law and making it very clear that every individual is responsible for their own decisions. His talk at Godolphin focused on Substance Misuse Education and Legal Ages and the Law.

From CWMT News, here is an article about Social media and teenagers- a practical approach.

Natasha Devon MBE is a guru in Mental Health and consults with a range of experts in the field of psychology, neuroscience, body image and mental health. She was also Mental Health Advisor to the Government. She has provided us with her Mental Health Reading List following her visit to the school. We would also recommend following Natasha Devon on Twitter.

#UKPastoralChat, Pastoral Periodic is a great source of information for practical ideas on and activity on parenting by professionals in this field.

Teenagers Translated – Teenagers Translated is a website offering help, support and advice about parenting and understanding teenagers. (Jayne Downshire, founder of Teenagers Translated spoke to Godolphin parents in 2016.) Digital Awareness – Digital Awareness UK offers tips about what to do if your child feels they are being bullied and gives advice on how to keep them safe online.

10 ways to manage screen time by Digital Awareness UK – Published on Apr 22, 2017

HMC and Digital Awareness UK have produced Tech Control, a groundbreaking video on digital addiction which will form part of new classroom resources to help children to use digital devices responsibly.

NSPCC – the UK’s leading children’s charity, preventing abuse and helping those affected to recover. This website provides useful tips for parents that are concerned their child is being bullied.In partnership with O2, the NSPCC has launched a new aspect of their Share Aware campaign, supporting parents to help keep their children safe online. Share Aware gives straightforward, step- by-step advice to help teach children how to make the right decisions online, even when their parents aren’t there. The campaign aims to drive frequent and informed conversations between parents and their children around online safety. The NSPCC has also recently updated their Net Aware guide, site and app, providing parents and professionals with an overview of safety and age appropriateness of all the sites and apps that young people use. Youngminds – the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Driven by their experiences they campaign, research and influence policy and practice.

Living together at Godolphin This document highlights the Safeguarding Policy for pupils at Godolphin. LawStuff is run by Coram Children’s Legal Centre, and provides free legal information to young people. If you have any concerns about your daughter or you would like more advice, please get in touch to contact me, or alternatively, Sister Gill in the Health Centre.

Jenny Price Deputy Head Pastoral

Bob Tait's Drug Talk to Students, Feb 2020