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Boarding Life

"Boarding at Godolphin offers girls a dynamic and safe community where they are able to build friendships for life, live and work together as part of a team, and where kindness, graciousness and compassion enable them to become confident girls in a contemporary world."

We therefore aim:

* To ensure that boarders and Sarums of all ages feel part of the boarding community, enabling them to overcome challenges that may arise.

* To build an atmosphere of openness and trust, encouraging students to show tolerance and respect.

* To create opportunities for students to show leadership and to develop initiative, interests and talents within the houses, the school and the wider community through an extensive activity programme.

* To ensure that the ethos in individual houses makes a positive contribution to the students’ educational experience, facilitating high academic standards.

* To maintain a safe, attractive living and working environment within the houses and to ensure that school resources are readily available to boarders.

* To offer a consistently high standard of care and support, by working in partnership with parents and guardians.

Jenny Price
Deputy Head Pastoral

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