274 9Th June Godolphin School By Ash Mills


"Boarding at Godolphin offers girls a dynamic and safe community where they are able to build friendships for life, live and work together as part of a team, and where kindness, graciousness and compassion enable them to become confident girls in a contemporary world."

We therefore aim:

* To ensure that boarders and Sarums of all ages feel part of the boarding community, enabling them to overcome challenges that may arise.

* To build an atmosphere of openness and trust, encouraging students to show tolerance and respect.

* To create opportunities for students to show leadership and to develop initiative, interests and talents within the houses, the school and the wider community through an extensive activity programme.

* To ensure that the ethos in individual houses makes a positive contribution to the students’ educational experience, facilitating high academic standards.

* To maintain a safe, attractive living and working environment within the houses and to ensure that school resources are readily available to boarders.

* To offer a consistently high standard of care and support, by working in partnership with parents and guardians.

Jenny Price, Deputy Head Pastoral

Walters, Junior Boarding House (7-13 years)

Relaxed and friendly in atmosphere, the spacious ground floor layout provides the perfect setting for girls to relax after a long day at school. A firm approach to discipline is underpinned by a fair and caring manner that encourages the girls to look after one another as well as their surroundings and belongings. Housemistress, Mrs Reyes Avila, Deputy Housemistress, Mrs Wendy Laptain and our Resident Tutors provide a nurturing environment so that girls develop over the course of three years into independent and confident young ladies with strength of character and resilience.

Cooper House, Senior Boarding House (13-16 years)

Cooper House is home to girls aged between 13 and 16 and is named after Jilly Cooper, a former pupil and well known novelist. Boarding in Cooper is like being part of one big busy, caring and happy family where you’re surrounded by friends and cared for by a team of dedicated House staff. Cooper's Housemistress is Mrs Miranda Edouard and our Deputy Housemistress is Mrs Vicky Wilson.

The happiness and welfare of our girls is everything. We guide and support them both pastorally and academically with care and sensitivity, and encourage them to take part in diverse extra-curricular activities.

Click the link for the Cooper House handbook for 2018-19.

School House, Sixth Form Boarding House

Home to the Lower and Upper Sixth boarders, School House is a hub of activity, learning and often much fun and hilarity. Recently re-furbished, the single and double- occupancy studies are all different, and girls can reflect their own individuality with their own decoration.

As a stepping stone to life after school, there is a kitchen where girls can begin to learn to cook on a budget, bake birthday cakes for friends, or make pop corn for a film night in the communal sit; and a laundry room where girls are able to wash their own clothes and bedding.

With the extra freedom offered the to the Sixth Form students who can go into town during the day, visit the cinema or go out for a meal in the evening, comes the responsibility of careful time-management – those essays and projects don’t just write themselves!

Ms Stella Jones is Housemistress of School House and Mrs Sophie Hallen is the Assistant Housemistress. They can be found in the house office, the heart of the Centre. Despite being the work place of the House Staff, it is a place where girls are welcome at any time to chat, watch TV, have tea or hot chocolate or just to chill on the sofas.

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