Changes to Bus Routes – effective from 31 October 2016

As a result of feedback from last term, it is proposed to make a few changes to the bus service which will be effective from our return after half-term on 31 October 2016:

Winchester/Stockbridge (Route 1)

To cease: Current pick up point is opposite the Grosvenor Hotel. (The coach currently blocks a ‘Keep Clear’ entrance).

Replaced by: New pick-up point will be the designated bus stop about 100 meters further up. (This is safer because the coach can stop in a designated off road pull in).

Winchester (Route 2) 

To cease: Cheriton Road (Congestion near schools in the area)

                    Good Life Farm Shop, Kingsworthy (Private property).

Replaced by: The Moat House Hotel, Worthy Lane, Winchester, SO23 7AB

This is a Winchester Council designated coach park. There is plenty of parking space and it is well lit. There are also facilities (coffee and toilets) in the hotel.

Departure time: 07:25 (Monday to Friday).

Return time: 18:05 (Monday to Friday).

                             19:00 (Monday to Thursday only).

Romsey Route

To cease: Sun Inn, Romsey.

Replaced by: Cat park by the Bus Station, Romsey, SO51 8BF. There is space for the buses to park and for parents’ vehicles too when delivering/collecting their children. It is well lit.

Departure time: 07:35

Return time: 17:55


At present there are no major road works affecting the journeys into school so the departure time in Fordingbridge will revert back to 07:40.