The team

  • Stephanie Forward

    Head of Psychology

  • Shannon Flynn

Examination Board: AQA

Why study Psychology?

Psychology is defined as the science of mind and behaviour. Over the course you will study psychological theories about human and animal behaviour and what drives them, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the vast area of research upon which these theories are based. Psychology sees itself as a science and so objectivity is at the forefront. For example, you will study the biological approach which explains human behaviour in terms of genetics and neurobiology. This suggests that our behaviour is a product of nature (biology). Whereas, the behavioural approach explains human behaviour in terms of our learning and experience of our environment from the moment we are born (nurture). You will learn answers to questions like: Why do I think like this? Why do others behave like this? It will enable you to objectively understand the nature and experience of the human world around you, based on scientific research and theory. Psychology extends into real life and has cross over links with a range of subjects; it goes well with both arts and science subjects. Psychology is well received at all universities; some universities may accept it as a science. Career
prospects in Psychology are wide and varied such as child psychology, occupational, forensic, clinical, and sports psychology and psychiatry. The subject is also highly rated by employers in business, marketing, the media and teaching.