(French, German and Spanish)

The team

  • Nathalie Monediere

    Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Examination Board: AQA

Why study Modern Languages?

The question is not ‘Why on earth should languages be useful to me?’ but ‘Why on earth would they not be?’ Studying a foreign language and the culture of the people who speak it will:

  • Expand your horizons and outlook on the world through exposure to other cultures and enhance your experience of foreign travel.
  • Increase your understanding of the priorities of countries that are of key significance to the future of the UK, especially in the EU.
  • Put you at an advantage over others in today’s globalised labour market, opening up career opportunities in Europe and beyond.
  • Help you to develop such important and transferable skills as communication, analysis, problem solving, debate and independent and creative thinking.

Don’t allow yourself to be deceived into believing that all foreigners speak English – 75% of the world does not – and, for those that do, it is to their advantage – not yours! Be aware that demand for linguists is high in terms of employability: a large number get and keep jobs in the crucial first years after university and horizons are much broader than the obvious translation or teaching. There are gaps waiting for you to fill in journalism, marketing, finance, engineering, interpreting – to mention just a few.

The satisfaction of expressing yourself and talking about the things you really want to in another language is immense. Your mind will be broadened through exploring and developing your ideas and opinions on a variety of stimulating topics. You will be encouraged to go and practise your languages in the relevant countries, either revisiting former school trip haunts with increased independence or by branching out in your own right: you may be able to do your work shadowing week, or other work experience, in another country.

“ It’s rewarding to find yourself talking about modern issues and current events and being able to express yourself in another language. ”
Former Student