The team

  • David Miller

    Head of Business and Economics

  • Emilie Greenwood

Examination Board: Edexcel

Why study Economics?

Ever wondered what ‘the credit crunch’ was actually about? Or how a rich country such as the UK can possibly owe over £1 trillion? Or why it is expensive to shop in some countries but much cheaper in others? These are the sorts of issues that will be covered during your study of Economics. It will provide you with a fascinating insight into the workings of the global financial system, as well as equipping you with the necessary knowledge to hold an intellectual economic debate and wow your guests at future dinner parties!

You will find that, once you learn the basic theory, many of the lessons will relate directly to the current issues in the news. Economics is addictive and you will find your knowledge expanding on topical issues such as European migration to a degree that you would not have previously thought possible! There will be the opportunity to invest £100,000 in stocks and shares through the stockbroking competition, and to travel to the Czech Republic, where you will experience a former command economy still transforming itself into a manufacturing base for the European Union. Economics is a popular subject at university, both in its own right and as part of a degree such as PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). While strong mathematical ability is not required at A-level, many university courses will require A-level Mathematics.

Your career options are wide and varied and, statistically, you will be amongst the top future graduate earners!