The team

  • Anna Thommesen

    Head of Biology

  • Andrea Willis

  • Alice Fitzgerald

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel Specification A

Why study Biology?

Indeed, many will tell you that Biology is not essential if you want to study Medicine. However, why wouldn’t you want to study the science of life if you want to become a doctor? It’s a good choice if you’re interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Sports Medicine … the list goes on and on! Biology used to be restricted to the study of plants (botany) or animals (zoology). But times have changed; research has taken place at such an incredible rate since the structure of DNA was first discovered that the subject you study at A-level is nothing like the course taught just a few decades ago. Genetic engineering is now a reality. At A-level you learn about the facts – how new cures for cancer could be developed – as well as the ethical concerns. This is the science that has a social conscience and this course makes you think about the moral dilemmas facing biologists at the cutting edge of research.