Art & Design

The team

  • Nick Eggleton

    Head of Art & Design

  • Sharon Duggan

  • Chris Wright

  • Jackie Josey

Examination Board: AQA

Why study Art?

So far you have been made aware of the creative world around you inspiring you to produce a range of work in different specialist areas. Now is the opportunity for you to take your existing knowledge and develop it further in a creative, personal and innovative way. You will extend your understanding of the role of other practitioners, both past and present, allowing you to put your own work into context. We want you to be a part of that creative world and to influence it with your own ideas and imagination. The greater freedom that the course allows will give you the opportunity to discover more about yourself and your individual creativity. Although we are always around to give you help and advice and to monitor your progress, you are free to explore on your own the direction that you want to follow. You will get the opportunity to build on your existing knowledge by using the extensive facilities here within the Art & Design studios. What makes us unique is the range of disciplines that we offer, the specialist studios available to you until late at night and the specialist teaching that you will receive from the very talented and creative staff. Accessto the wider community of artists is encouraged through our network of contacts. We pride ourselves on creating new and innovative work with our students. The department has no house style; we are constantly creating new work, reacting to current ideas and approaches. Individuality is encouraged to allow you to fulfil your potential.

Students from here go on to study on a variety of courses both nationally and internationally. The traditional route is to do an Art Foundation Course before progressing onto a degree. Many students use an A-level in this subject to obtain entry onto courses such as Architecture, Product Design, Engineering Design, Film and Animation, Art History, Fashion, etc.