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Godolphin is passionate about Lacrosse. As one of our main sports, this is taught to all year groups in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The Lacrosse teams regularly play fixtures on Saturdays against a range of schools across the South West. We regularly facilitate A & B teams in multiple year groups, including some with C teams.

Godolphin has a very experienced coaching staff including; Jamie Powell (Team GB Lacrosse), Storm Trentham (Wales Lacrosse and founder of Kenya Lacrosse), Chelsea Nasmyth-Miller (Wales Lacrosse). This allows Godolphin to provide a wealth of knowledge and specific coaching strategies that is inclusive of all abilities.

Godolphin has a large number of students who regularly attend National Academies in the UK and some of our staff still represent at National and International level.

Jamie Powell, Senior Lacrosse