Interhouse Activities

All students and staff at Godolphin belong to one of three Houses: Douglas, Hamilton or Methuen. These Houses come together for competitive purposes in activities from debating to lacrosse, from drama to bake-offs. Each House is led by a member of staff acting as Head of House and by a committee of students who hone their leadership skills as House Captain or in the areas of Sport, Creative Arts and the all-important Social Life. House identity is furthered through formal gatherings such as Assemblies, and more informal meals and House events.

"Douglas House students are encouraged to give of their best; to have a go and to support each other. Known in particular for its charitable endeavours, Douglas House has been fund-raising and hosting an annual tea-party for the local Alzheimer’s association for over 25 years. Our Textile Bank enables us to collect unwanted clothes and raise hundreds of pounds for charity. Mary Alice Douglas (Headmistress 1890-1919) was kind, friendly and affectionate and these are qualities which we seek to emulate. We hold Douglas Day on her birthday, the 29th November; another opportunity to support our charities whilst having fun together!"

Sarah Robertson, Head of Douglas


"Hamilton is the really friendly, happy House where everyone is welcome and everyone’s contribution (staff and students) to the House is valued. We are ambitious; all ages mix together to support House events and competitions and our charities. Initiative and loyalty are qualities we share and we also value our independent thinkers because we share a deep love for our House and all of its great traditions. Our approach is original and Douglas and Methuen, should take note, we NEVER give up!"

Amy Byam, Head of Hamilton


"Methuen is a great place to be! As the Head of House, I am privileged to lead a tremendous group of students and staff, because they make the “Methuen experience” such a lot of fun. We really try to value each other for our strengths and weaknesses, and we celebrate all our fantastic achievements, large or small, with applause and quite a lot of dancing! We enjoy competition because it gives us the chance to learn about ourselves and to enjoy being together, but most of all we like beating the other Houses! We are looking forward to this year’s challenge – to write, film and produce a feature film – in addition to winning as many trophies as possible…

Other exciting events this year include lots of Inter-House sports competitions, a bake-off, a performing arts competition, charity fundraising, picnics and trips to exciting places."

Vicky Wilson, Head of Methuen