Combined Cadet Force

The CCF is a valuable part of our co curricular programme and plays a key role in supporting our academic and pastoral objectives geared towards preparing students for adult life.

The varied and exciting CCF programme is similar to the cadet syllabus and includes basic military skills of weapon training, shooting, field craft and drill as well as activities such as walking, climbing, canoeing and raft building. Students develop leadership skills as they progress through the CCF and become responsible for delivery of basic training to newer recruits and leading groups on adventurous activities. The programme is especially positive in its focus on personal development in the areas of leadership, self-confidence, self-discipline, and responsibility as well as endurance, resourcefulness and perseverance.

Annual highlights include the hard-going Ten Tors Challenge on Dartmoor and the CCF Ski trip when we join forces with two school CCF groups for a week of fun. Students also attend two camps per year – an activities based week at Easter and a more military orientated one with lots of other CCF cadets. We visit military establishments and thanks to our Royal Artillery sponsorship, we have valuable support from the local Gunner units at Larkhill and Tidworth. The CCF is also affiliated to the Royal Navy’s HMS Bulwark – one of its biggest ships.

It’s no surprise that CCF is a hugely popular activity at Godolphin. Students are excited by the training programme, welcome the challenge and sense of adventure and as a result, grow in confidence through the emphasis on personal development and camaraderie.

Major Adam Reavill, Head of CCF