Future Skills

Future Skills

A Comprehensive Programme Fostering Skills, Values and Personal Growth.

In a forward-thinking approach to preparing students for life beyond the classroom, Godolphin has launched the "Future Skills Programme," an all-encompassing initiative designed to equip students with essential skills, values and a commitment to continuous learning.

In a rapidly evolving world where implicit skills are now explicitly demanded and employers have identified certain skills are in short supply, this forward-thinking programme aims to intellectually challenge students, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. It strives to inspire personal growth, while imparting practical skills tailored for the demands of the real world.

“ Higher levels of essential skills boost earning, job and life satisfaction, and halve the likelihood of being out of work or training. ”
The Skills Builder Partnership

The Future Skills Programme at Godolphin is designed to be a valuable asset throughout every student’s journey, spanning from First Year to Godolphin Sixth.

Delivered across Godolphin, Future Skills features unique programmes tailored for each year group. Whether challenging students to embrace new experiences, offering diverse approaches or imparting practical skills such as financial awareness, personal development, mental health or car maintenance, our structured programme is dedicated to skill development. Our overreaching goal is to ensure that students emerge as confident communicators, critical thinkers, adaptive learners, risk takers, self-motivators and knowledgeable young leaders.

Above all, we aspire for our students to become curious learners for life, confident in their skills and abilities and capable of applying them to navigate all the opportunities, challenges and activities they encounter.

Future Skills is built on the Universal Framework The Skills Builder Partnership encompassing steps 0 – 15 for each of the eight essential skills developed after extensive research and consultation by the biggest recruiters, employers and educators throughout the country. This framework spans the entirety of a young person's school life and move to post-secondary education. Importantly, there is no specific qualification for this programme, instead students are assessed on engagement rather than attainment.

At the heart of Godolphin’s Future Skills Programme are eight fundamental skills that serve as the foundation for students' personal and academic development:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Staying Positive
  • Aiming High
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

These skills, according to Godolphin's mission, are designed to prepare students not only for academic excellence but also for success in their future careers and personal lives. The modules across all year levels are intended to support and align with Godolphin’s four core values; ambition, authenticity, courage and kindness.

Future Skills lessons stand out for their distinctive interdepartmental and interdisciplinary nature, featuring specialists who teach pertinent modules across each year groups as timetabled sessions, including statutory PSHCEE content and Godolphin Bright Futures (Careers) material.

First to Third Year

From First Year - Third Year, Future Skills lessons run on a rotational basis with modules changing frequently to keep the programme interesting. Beginning with the Local Studies module in First Year, progressing to Critical Thinking module in the Second Year and The Godolphin Project in Third Year the programme continually adapts to the evolving needs of our students and the world around them (The AI Skills module will be coming soon!)

Fourth to Fifth Year

Future Skills at Fourth and Fifth Year stands out from other offerings at GCSE level. While still based on the eight essential skills, the delivery of the programme is diverse, placing a priority on enhancing work-life balance and providing students dedicated time to develop skills beneficial to them during their time at Godolphin and beyond.

Unless opting for a tenth academic GCSE subject students in the Fourth and Fifth Year have six Future Skills lessons a fortnight. Modules connect back to the eight essential skills, spanning from Debate and Persuasive Speech to Entrepreneurship and Technology and Project Management ensuring there is something for all the students. The modules focus on practical skill development with many classes taking place outside the classroom. Prep (homework) outside of class is minimal and never exceeds the time allocated for independent work lessons. This approach allows students to focus on their GCSEs as we believe that quality over quantity is what will lead to success beyond Fourth and Fifth Year.

The programme also allows the opportunity to schedule additional private tuition (Learning Support, EAL, Music lesson etc) without impacting academic GCSE time, thereby reducing the stress of catching up on missed lessons.

Godolphin Sixth

Future Skills in Godolphin Sixth is centred on refining the skills our Godolphin Sixth students have already cultivated and providing them with the tools to acquire new ones. With one lesson per week over the two years, students will experience approximately 50 Future Skills lessons during this time. These lessons will be diverse, yet focussed, prioritising essential and practical skills to empower our students for success beyond Godolphin.

Future Skills lessons in the Sixth also include all statutory PSHCEE content, with a substantial portion dedicated to Bright Futures. This approach ensures that our students are well prepared to pursue their preferred paths after leaving Godolphin, whether it be admission to a UK or international university, an apprenticeship, or enrolment into a technical college. We aim to eliminate any sense of limitation for our students. Additionally, opportunities for students to lead certain sessions are incorporated into the programme, fostering leadership skills and enhancing their overall learning experience.