Art, Craft & Design

Artistic skills, critical judgement and the application of creative intellect.

Meet the Team

The team

  • Nick Eggleton

    Head of Art & Design

  • Sharon Duggan

  • Chris Wright

  • Jackie Josey

  • Emma Findley

The Art & Design department is integral to our School community and represents an exciting, vibrant and creative studio space for students, staff, parents and visitors to use at any time.

Our excellent facilities cover painting and drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, textile Design, photography and history of art. Although disciplined and focused in our teaching, the atmosphere within the department is warm and friendly. Our aim is to create a stimulating environment that inspires intellectual thinking and nurtures artistic skills, critical judgment and the ability to apply creative intellect. Our teachers are not only practitioners of their own craft but also experts across a wide variety of different art forms – its their job to ensure that each student fulfils their potential and surpasses their own expectations.

Art and Design is studied by students from First Year to Upper Sixth. External exams are written at GCSE, AS and A2 level.

Follow the link for the KS3 and GCSE Handbooks.

Nick Eggleton

Head of Art & Design