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How was your experience?

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1. How did you hear about Godolphin?
2. How did you book your visit at Godolphin?
3. Format of the Snapshot Morning

Did you feel fully informed about the format of the Snapshot Morning prior to your arrival on the day?

4. Did you enjoy the Snapshot Morning at Godolphin? How would you rate the overall experience? (disappointing) 1-5 (exceptional)
5. Did the student tour provide you with opportunity to view all the key areas of our School?
6. Were you given enough chance to interact with our students and staff during your visit?
7. Did you find the Q&A session helpful?
8. Has the Snapshot encouraged you to return to the School for an individual visit?
9. Did you find the Q&A session with our Head helpful?
10. Based on your experience today, would you recommend a Godolphin Snapshot?
11. Would you consider sending your child to Godolphin?
12. Is there any additional information you would like to receive about Godolphin?