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Philosophy of Giving

Traditionally “philanthropy” meant the love of humanity: nourishing what it means to be human. Today it also means actively helping other people and organisations

Our philosophy of giving at Godolphin embodies both. We must develop and care for our girls in the best facilities available. We encourage our girls to help other people and we welcome our community’s support in fulfilling our vision for the school.

Vision & Commitments

Celebrate the past: define the future. What sort of school should Godolphin be in 2026, the year of its 300th anniversary? In one concise document we have set out our vision for the school and a ten-year action plan to achieve it.

We have committed ourselves to significant developments in education and pastoral care inside and outside the classroom. We want to match them with equally far-sighted developments in our buildings and facilities, but for these we shall need help from beyond the school’s own resources.

The Godolphin Foundation


The Capital Campaign

The 1726 Society

The Enhancement Fund

Godolphin School was founded by Elizabeth Godolphin in 1726 with the specific purpose of empowering young women through education so they would become independent and self-sufficient. As we approach our 300th anniversary, our philosophy of philanthropy remains unchanged. It is our responsibility, and our legacy, to empower the young women of today through education, and prepare them for the ever changing future they are faced with.

There are many ways we are working to honour this legacy:

Godolphin Capital Campaign

This is a three phase campaign which includes a Centre for Research and Invention in Phase One. This will be a STEM focussed building which will include a library and multi-media centre. Phase Two will see the floor space of the science building increase by 50% without increasing the footprint, and Phase Three is an extension to the Performing Arts Centre, which was built as a result of a successful capital campaign almost 30 years ago.

The 1726 Society

This is traditionally our legacy programme and gifts made to the 1726 Society are used to provide bursarial support to families who might not otherwise be able to offer their daughter an education at Godolphin.

As you know, the philanthropic Elizabeth Godolphin founded our school in 1726 to provide an education for young girls – something virtually unheard of in those days – and almost 300 years on, we are still honouring her legacy and bequest by educating our girls.

The 1726 Society is the legacy fund and the primary function of this is to provide bursarial support to families wishing to send their daughters’ to Godolphin. Of course, we always honour the wishes of those who leave a legacy and recently we were able to issue each girl in the Prep with her own hymn book which was enabled through a legacy from a former member of staff.

Through her bequest, Elizabeth facilitated the education of young women, and if you wish to make a bequest, you will continue and honour this legacy.

The Enhancement Fund

Our annual giving programme is known as the Enhancement Fund and it does exactly that – through regular, annual gifts, we are able to enhance the experience of the girls here at Godolphin. This is particularly focussed on non-curricular activities and in the past awards have included bean bags for the Prep library, camping equipment for Duke of Edinburgh and CCF challenges, support for Lego robots and fleece tops for the Vocal Ensemble.

88 Keys

There are 88 keys on a grand piano and through purchasing a key, for £100, you will help raise funds to purchase a new piano to be used for concerts and performances.

Keys may be purchased in memory of a loved one, as a thank you to the school, on behalf of family and friends, or anonymously. Once the new piano has been purchased, all supporters will be invited to a special concert performance. To purchase a key and for more information, email Maggie O'Meara.

Moyra Rowney
Director of External Relations