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Terms & Conditions

To print a copy of the Terms & Conditions, click here.

1. Categories of Membership

a) Individual

b) Joint – Partners living at the same residence.

c) Family – Up to two adults and three dependant children under the age of 21 in full time education.

2. Payments

a) All payments must be made by either Card or Cheque. No Cash.

b) Paying by monthly standing order – the first months payment by either card or cheque at Reception. Standing order to then be set up by member for month two and onwards.

c) To cancel a monthly standing order membership, one months written notice is required.

3. General Condition of Membership

a) Godolphin Leisure Centre reserves the right to, at any time, refuse application for membership, to cancel or suspend the membership of any member and refuse admission to any member or guest of member where there are reasonable grounds to do so.

b) Members are expected to observe all rules and regulations established by the Leisure Centre. Continued disregard of said rules and regulations will result in the cancellation of membership and the forfeiting of any membership fees already paid.

c) All guests must be signed in and relevant fee paid.

d) Members are responsible for their guests being aware of, and adhering to, all Leisure Centre rules and regulations.

e) Members are requested to depart the Godolphin grounds immediately after using the Leisure Centre.

f) Godolphin Leisure Centre reserve the right to change the published programme and timetable at any time.

g) Godolphin Leisure Centre cannot be held responsible for any loss of property or damage to property suffered by any person using the Leisure Centre unless is arises from negligence or deliberate act on the part of the Leisure Centre.

h) The facilities of the Centre may be only used during the advertised opening hours determined by the Leisure Centre.

4. Annual/Monthly Memberships Annual memberships also include the following benefits:

a) 10% reduction in fee compared to paying monthly.

b) Annual memberships include eight guest passes that can be used at any time in the membership year.

c) Any member wishing to freeze their membership for business of medical reason can do so by paying a retainer fee of £8.00 per month for each full month the memberships stays on hold.

d) All members are able to bring guests by the payment of a £3.00 fee per guest.

5. Physical Activity

a) Members are responsible for monitoring their own physical condition throughout any activity undertaken at the Leisure Centre and should any unusual symptoms occur they must immediately refrain from participation in the activity until otherwise instructed.

b) The member accepts that, in the absence of negligence on part of the Leisure Centre, they will hold blameless Godolphin Leisure Centre and any of its employees, instructors or agents (including any independent contractor) for any damages results from, nut not limited to, injury or death incurred during or arising from any activity undertaken at the Leisure Centre.

c) The member will comply with all the rules relating to use of the Fitness Suite, Swimming Pool and other facilities, copies of which are immediately available from on display around the Leisure Centre.

d) Use of the Fitness Suite is prohibited to any person under 16 years of age.

6. Induction and Fitness Centre Use

a) All members must undergo an induction course into use of the Fitness Suite OR sign a an induction waiver form if they are experienced and proficient in the use of fitness equipment.

b) All members will be required to answer an exercise and health questionnaire before using the Fitness Suite.

c) Specific exercise programmes based on the information given in the exercise and health questionnaire are available to members on request.

d) The member must inform Godolphin Leisure Centre of any subsequent change to the information originally supplied on the exercise and health questionnaire.

e) In certain circumstances, Godolphin Leisure Centre staff may require additional medical information from the members general practitioner in order the correct and safe exercise programme can be prescribed. In these circumstances the member will be asked to obtain, at his/her own expense, the required written information from their general practitioner.

f) The exercise programme is designed to gradually increase the workload of members cardio respiratory system to the exercise programme cannot be predicted with compete accuracy. The member must accept tat there is risk that adverse effects may be experienced before, during or after participation in the exercise programme including abnormalities of heat rate and/or blood pressure.