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'To be acknowledged as a Scholar is a real accolade. It is an accolade bestowed upon those who show potential and excellence in their chosen field. It should be an honour to be in receipt of an award. With such a reward come certain responsibilities. We do expect our Scholars to set a good example in all that they do and be prepared to shine as a beacon to those around them.' Jenny Price, Head

Please follow this link to our Scholarship & Bursaries Brochure.

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Means Tested Bursary

Godolphin is committed to broadening access to prospective families as well as supporting current families. Financial support with the payment of school fees may be available via means-tested Bursaries.

For further information on means-tested bursaries please follow this link to our Bursary Policy.

Old Godolphin Association (OGA) Bursary

The OGA offers a means tested Bursary to the child of a former Godolphin student. Candidates for the OGA bursary will need to apply via the means-tested bursary process.

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HM Forces Discount

Godolphin is committed to providing 20% support to the families of parents serving in His Majesty's Armed Forces. For more information, follow the link.

Siblings Discount

Godolphin offers families a sibling discount of 5%, rising by a further 5% for additional siblings. This will be applied for the time these siblings are at the School together.

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Scholarship & Bursaries Enquires

For further information on any of the following, please contact Director of Admissions, Corinna Florence