Ash Mills Prep 2017 170

Bursaries & Scholarships


We offer a range of means tested bursaries.

Foundation Bursaries

There are six Foundation Bursaries that are each worth 70% of the full (boarding) fees. They are means tested and available to girls in need through family circumstance such as a death in the family or divorce.

The Old Godolphin Bursary

Means tested and awarded by the Old Godolphin Association to the daughter of an Old Godolphin pupil. Candidates for the means-tested Foundation Bursaries and the Old Godolphin Bursary must meet the School’s entrance standard through Common Entrance or other entry papers, and must come to an interview.

HM Forces

We also offer an HM Forces discount of 10% of fees and a sibling discount of 5%, rising by a further 5% for additional sisters.

To find out more about these awards, read the Godolphin Scholarship & Bursaries Booklet -, or contact Corinna Florence, Head of Admissions.