271 17Th Sept2018 Godolphin School Photo By Ash Mills

Staff List

Staff may be contacted via email by using their surname and the first letter of their Christian name followed by @godolphin.org.

Head, Godolphin Prep Miss Julia Miller BA (Hons) (Queen's Belfast), MEd (Open), PGCE
Pre-Prep Miss Alice Fisher BA (Hons) (Southampton), BSc (Hons) (Bournemouth) PGCE
Year 3 Tutor, Prep Learning Support Coordinator Mrs Charlotte Palmer BA (Exeter), MEd (Open), Dip SpLD PGCE
Maths Co-ordinator, Year 4 Tutor Mrs Eleana Eavis BA (Hons) (Winchester)
English Co-ordinator, Year 5 Tutor Mrs Rachel Lamb BA (Hons) (Newcastle) PGCE
Science & Computing Co-ordinator, Year 6 Tutor Mr Richard Ingram BSc (Hons) M Med Sci (Queen's Belfast), PGCE
PE/Games Mr Hamish Morton BSc (Hons) Sport Sciences (Coventry) , MA Sport Development (Gloucestershire)
French Mrs Emmanuelle Bally License d'Histoire (Hons) (Lille 3)
Music Mr Robin Highcock BMUs (London)
Geography Mrs Sarah Collishaw BSc (Hons) (University College Swansea), PGCE
Art Ms Emma Findley BA (Leeds Metropolitan)
Drama Mr David Hallen BA (Hons) Performance Arts (Middlesex), PGCE
Year 6 Latin Mrs Catherine Cowie MA (Hons) (Oxon) PGCE
Prep Secretary / PA to the Prep Head Mrs Sue King
Assistant Prep Secretary / PAC Secretary Miss Maggie O'Meara
Graduate Gap Miss Caitlin Bannister BSc (Hons) Psychology (Winchester)
School Chaplain Rev'd Becky Ayers-Harris BA (Hons) Theology (Nottingham), PGCE (Birmingham)
Health Centre Mrs Danielle Brining RGN RGN, BSc (Hons) London.
School Counsellor
School Business Manager Miss Alexandra D'Arcy-Irvine BA (Hons) ACA
Head of Admissions Mrs Corinna Florence
Head of Marketing Mrs Sarah Sowton