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Boarding represents a supportive and safe community that teaches puils how to live and work together. It helps them to build friendships for life, learn kindness, graciousness and compassion and supports them in becoming confident and ready for the modern world.

Walters House is home to pupils aged between 7 and 13 years. Pupils sleep in light and colourful dormitories or twin bedded rooms and can relax in communal areas such as the fondly named ‘sit’, a games room and the kitchen. Boarding at Godolphin is like being part of one big busy, caring and happy family where you’re surrounded by friends and cared for by a team of dedicated House staff.

Relaxed and friendly in atmosphere, the spacious ground floor layout provides the perfect setting for pupils to relax after a long day at school. A firm approach to discipline is underpinned by a fair and caring manner that encourages the pupils to look after one another as well as their surroundings and belongings. Housemistress, Mrs Reyes Avila, Deputy Housemistress, Mrs Wendy Laptain and our Resident Tutors provide a nurturing environment so that pupils develop over the course of three years into independent and confident young people with strength of character and resilience.

The happiness and welfare of our pupils is everything. We guide and support them both pastorally and academically with care and sensitivity, and encourage them to take part in diverse extra curricular activities.

Students can board in three stages through the school:

  • Junior Boarding (Walters House): 7 – 13 years
  • Senior Boarding (Cooper House): 13 – 16 years
  • Godolphin Sixth (School & Jerred House): 16 – 18 years