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Victoria Bulleid’s Inspiring Army Success

Victoria Bulleid

OG Victoria Bulleid attended Godolphin School (she was in Methuen House) and left in 2004. Victoria went on to complete her Nursing Diploma at Southampton University, where she then went on to join the Army. She has just been awarded the Queens Commendation for Valuable Service on Operations in the recent hours list.

Victoria was part of CCF here at Godolphin and she hopes to inspire other girls and promote women joining the Army and the opportunities that it can offer.




Farnham Army Officer Major (Maj) Victoria Bulleid (31) whose nickname is ‘Tor’, serves with the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) and is currently the Senior Clinical Lead Critical Care Nurse at Defence Medial Services in Portsmouth has been recognised with a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the 49th Operational Honours and Awards.

The Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service recognises meritorious service during, or in support of, operations. Maj Bulleid, who was a Captain at the time of her deployment, is one of 17 members of the British Army out of a total of 45 from across the Armed Forces who is to be awarded. The latest list recognises some of the first deployments to Operation CABRIT in the Baltic region of Eastern Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and more specifically in this case South Sudan. Victoria has been recognised for her contributions to operational medical capability during her deployment to South Sudan during April to July 2017.

Throughout the nine month preparatory period, Maj Bulleid’s clinical acumen and logistic grasp made her indispensable in consigning more than 9,000 line items of medical materiel needed to support the Medical Group. Victoria’s personal oversight of these matters was difficult to quantify in terms of the positive example it set to the rest of her team and the assurance it offered to her Chain of Command.

During her deployment Victoria volunteered to undertake additional aeromedical training to expand her deployed role and ensure timely transfer of critically ill casualties. Once in Theatre, her knowledge of the equipment proved essential in overcoming multiple logistical obstacles any one of which had the potential for causing mission failure. Insisting on the highest clinical standards from her own team, she built highly profitable Force Protection relationships with the other UK contingents and acted as an outstanding Ambassador for her country when working with other UN Nations.

Maj Bulleid’s sheer appetite for work and enthusiasm for the task at hand was both contagious and reassuring to those around her, and was singular in sustaining clinical readiness. When asked to fulfil the role of acting Senior Nursing Officer, despite her junior rank and lack of experience and training, she flourished in the appointment.

Victoria was born in Winchester but has lived in Farnham since 2016. She enlisted in the British Army in 2009, having always wanted to serve and follow in both her parents’ footsteps. Her father served with the ‘Tigers’ The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR), retiring in 2010 and her Mother was in the QARANC from 1979 to 1982. Victoria said, “Joining the Army seemed a great opportunity to be a nurse in different and challenging places.” Before enlisting and taking up her nursing studies Victoria worked as a Health Care Support worker at Salisbury District Hospital so she has always had a keen interest in medicine.

Alongside her South Sudan deployment Victoria has experienced deployments to Afghanistan on Op HERRICK 16 and 20 but these deployments were into situations already fully established, Op TRENTON 2 was something very new and unfamiliar.

Her citation states: Victoria’s contributions to operational medical capability extend far beyond her rank. She has garnered unreserved respect and admiration from every quarter of the Task Force, delivering systemic Clinical Effect that has improved the lives of many ill soldiers and her accomplishments are wholly deserving of national recognition.”

On learning of her commendation Victoria said, ” Being awarded the QCVS is quite overwhelming. I was just doing my job and ultimately it was very much a team effort. Without all the determination and hard work of those who deployed and those that helped us get out the door we would not have been able to achieve it. TRENTON 2 was one of the most challenging deployments of my career, but because of the hard working team deployed with me, it was one of the most satisfying and rewarding.”

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