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Upper Sixth take a break and celebrate the end of an eventful year!

2021 11 26 U6 Dinner Annabel Yeatman At The Table

The term leading up to Christmas can be a stressful one, with university applications to be sent off and exams just around the corner. This is why the Upper Sixth thought it would be a nice idea to organise a dinner on Friday the 26 November. This not only gave us the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of School life but it also allowed us to spend more time together as a year group amidst a strange and uncertain few years.

We split ourselves into three groups prior to the evening: cooking, decorating and entertainment. Those who did Leiths, and some other volunteers, planned and executed the main meal and pudding: chicken tikka and lentil dahl curries, as well as brownie bites to go with our ice cream and berries. Our clean plates definitely reflected their hard work and excellent efforts. During this time, those who volunteered to decorate commandeered the kitchen’s supply of white tablecloths to cover the neatly arranged tables and chairs. On top of this, lanterns and candles were used to fill the room with a soft golden glow. This looked even more spectacular once the main lights were turned off and the strings of silver stars lay across the surfaces. As a part of the entertainment, a slideshow was made of pictures which captured some of the funny moments that we have had with each other. Sharing and reliving these memories together ensured that we really enjoyed ourselves and contributed towards the success of the night as a whole.

Of course, the evening would not have been possible without the help of Chartwells for their generosity, allocating us a multitude of ingredients and crockery. And also, to the house staff, providing us with decorations, glasses and most importantly their support. For more photos, please head to the Photo Gallery.

Rachel Watson, Upper Sixth