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The Scatter Gang by Gus Mann

Scatter Gang 2018 19

At the start of the spring term Mr Hallen, the director, held a meeting to talk about the lower school production, and that is when the Scatter Gang started. A group of First – Third Years along with Mr Hallen, Miss Hunter and Miss Wilson got together every Monday and Thursday evening to rehearse the play.

The Scatter Gang is an inspiring play about 10 Year Eight children who exceed their expectations and go on an adventure with their late geography teacher who is in an urn. The play starts with the funeral and then as Act 1 progresses on, they discover that their teacher, Miss Mulligan, has never left the country in all her years of teaching geography. Miss Mulligan is a much loved teacher and some felt that she was like their mum so when they hear that the teachers are going to bury her under the new STEM extension they feel it is their duty to take her abroad so she can see the world now even if she didn’t see it before and get up to a lot of mischief on the way.

The process of creating this play was in some ways challenging with all the fast scene changes but mostly we all found it a beautiful and fun production to be a part of. It was wonderful to see the whole thing put together in the end and to know that the long evening of rehearsals and line learning paid off. We can’t believe that from the first early rehearsals it turned into such a brilliant play. We all really enjoyed the process and putting it together and are very appreciative to everyone who helped with the making of this wonderful play, especially Mr Hallen whom without the show would not be possible.

Betty Blythe, Gemma Fitzwilliams and Madi Bower-Dyke, Third Year