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Second Year Computer Science alpinists skills put to test at TeenTech Festival!

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Our Second Year Computer Science alpinists had a day out at TeenTech Festival, where their skills were put to the ultimate test. Through a series of problem-solving and team-building activities, the girls were given the chance to develop their understanding of careers in STEM and the various opportunities that present to them. There was plenty for them to take away, and that doesn’t include the numerous freebies!

The alpinists were faced with complex challenges throughout the day, with some free time to explore the most cutting-edge technologies and broaden their horizons on the applications of STEM in day-to-day life. One of their tasks was to design an innovative idea – along with the branding and technological implementations – to solve a real-world problem. Our teams succeeded in impressing the judging panel, and we won several prizes! Team A won the certificate for ‘Standout Circuit’ and Team B was victorious in the ‘Kindest Innovation’ category. Not only did we walk away with certificates, but we won a competition that enabled us to name a crater on Mercury; the name ‘Freddie Mercury’ was a big hit with the judges!

It is no secret that the world of STEM is in need of some fresh faces, particularly young females with visions and a desire to make a change. With so many varied career opportunities in this field, events like this are important to show how their skillset can be best applied to the world of Science and Technology. Interacting with professionals in the industry was a great way to explore the vast array of highly commended career paths that present with a GCSE in Computer Science.

Johanna Watkins, Teacher of Computer Science