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​ Reduce, Refuse, Recycle, Reduce, Repair and Re-think

6 Rs 2

Throughout the Spring Term, the Fourth Year GCSE students were set the challenge of creating an original product from discarded items.

They were asked to document their progress and give details of how their design met one of the “6 R’s” (Reduce, Refuse, Recycle, Reduce, Repair and Re-think).

The Godolphin Green Group came to judge the finished products: 3rd place was awarded to Maria de Villavicencio for her pin-board and storage, in 2nd place was Eloise Soester-Gulliver for her coffee table and coasters, and 1st place went to Eva Lynn who re-purposed one of the school’s broken benches into a rustic rocking chair.

Several of the products are on display in SC9, so do come and have a look.

Suzie McNulty, Head of Design Technology