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Promoting positive Mental Health at Godolphin

218 24Th June2019 Godolphin School Photo By Ash Mills

As a school we recognise that good mental health and wellbeing is significant at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood and we will be celebrating this during Mental Health Awareness Week with the launch of our GO Parent conference.

At Godolphin, we recognize our responsibility to provide up to date, thought-provoking and informative sessions for parents and pupils alike. Go Parent seeks to do exactly this. Every member of our community exists on the continuum of mental health which affects our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing and therefore how we think, act and feel, how we relate to others, react to stress, and make choices. Our aim at Godolphin is to promote positive mental health which allows our community to realise their full potential and make meaningful contributions, as well as equip our pupils with the resilience, positive emotions and practices they can use beyond their school years.

The younger pupils are introduced to mindfulness within the Godolphin Learning Programme, emotional and sleep hygiene are often topics for tutors and PHSCEE lessons and our Sixth Form benefit from a well-balanced programme delivered by specialists in the EGA. Recent speakers have included Natasha Devon, Karl Hopwood, and our students are looking forward to meeting Hope Virgo, Satveer Nijjar, James Shone and Amy Forbes-Robertson from It-Happens in the coming weeks.

Our staff also benefited from a superb INSET at the start of this term from John Perry (Southampton University) on ‘Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience: Staying on Top of your Inner-Game’. At Godolphin, everyone matters and we strive to reduce stigma, help each other to be mentally healthy and most importantly to keep learning when it comes to mental health.

Due to high demand, there has been a second release of tickets for the GO Parent conference. Click here to buy your ticket.