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OG Bella Beney's Upcoming EP Excitement!

Bella B

OG Bella Beney has been popping up all over social media and releasing 'teasers' to announce her upcoming debut EP!

This Sunday (16.09.2018) at 6pm, Bella's EP 'The Edge of Beautiful' is being released onto all major music platforms (inc. iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music). Bella says that she "can't believe that the music is almost out there for the world to hear!".

As a lovely reminder of her time at Godolphin, Bella told us that three out of the four songs on her EP she wrote here at school, whilst she was sitting on the bed in her dorm room, "throughout most of the upper sixth I was in the studios recording the songs. In a way, it's the end of a pretty long road but the beginning of a very exciting adventure - I hope!".

To see more about Bella's music career and how she is getting on- see her website here: or see her Facebook and Instagram where all the latest pictures and teasers are.

Do not forget to look out on Sunday for 'The Edge of Beautiful'. We are definitely excited!