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Mindfulness at Godolphin

137 22 May2019 Godolphin School 6Th Form Photo By Ash Mills

In an effort to teach pupils about the importance of looking after their mental health, Godolphin recognises the many benefits of Mindfulness and is delighted to be introducing it as part of the school curriculum this year.

Mindfulness forms part of the Godolphin Learning Programme (GLP). Launched in 2018, this school initiative covers the all-important soft skills that students need for success in their future lives. In addition to Mindfulness, the programme includes PSHCEE, digital literacy, building cultural capital, careers awareness, study and library skills and critical thinking. Much like the Elizabeth Godolphin Award in the Sixth Form, the GLP is unique to Godolphin and prepares the girls to best make their mark on the world.

Dr Claire Parker, Mindfulness Teacher at Godolphin School says “We have received a tremendous response from girls to our Mindfulness sessions, which is great. The lessons are popular with our First to Third Year girls and I’m thrilled to be offering Mindfulness as an extra session for all other age groups too.

There is a growing body of increasingly robust evidence based research which points towards tangible benefits of Mindfulness for young people. This research includes wellbeing and mental health, helping young people to recognise worry and manage difficulties; concentration and cognition; social and emotional learning to develop a greater awareness of relationships and how to manage them; and behaviour, helping young people to self-regulate effectively, manage impulsivity and reduce conflict.”