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Lucy Worsley captivates audience at Godolphin’s Literary Festival

032 111019 Godolphin Literary Festival Photo By Ash Mills

The Performing Arts Centre was packed on the night of Friday 11 October for the opening of Godolphin School's third Literary Festival. Everyone had come to hear the TV presenter, Historic Royal Palaces curator and historian, Lucy Worsley, talk about her most recent book on Queen Victoria. She did not disappoint, entertaining her audience with her witty, exuberant delivery as well as her revelations about the humanity and quirkiness of her subject.

The audience was a mix of all ages and testament to Lucy Worsley's appeal as a presenter who succeeds in bringing history at all the generations. In her hands Queen Victoria became less of a character in history and more of a very real person who dealt with the complications of a being a precious heir, a wife and queen, a mother, a widow and an elderly lady in need of friendship.

Many of the questions came from the young in the audience who had clearly listened to every word and still wanted to know more about her subject. Lucy had a message of encouragement for one young girl who asked about the number of books she had written, "I genuinely cannot remember which is a great thing, and I hope that one day you will be standing up her saying the same thing!" At a book signing before and after the talk many had the chance to meet her and she chatted happily about all aspects of her fascinating career.