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Godolphin welcomes ​Internationally famous artist Sandy Brown as Artist In Residence


Internationally famous artist Sandy Brown Godolphin's Art department last Friday as this year's Artist in Residence. It has been four years since we first approached Sandy but major exhibitions in the US, China and South Africa have prevented her from meeting the girls. She is mainly known for her ceramic work, but she produces a range of other artwork including paintings , prints and textile designs. Her work is exhibited in over 45 different national contemporary art collections and museums around the world.

She spoke at length to all the examination students in their lessons but was particularly involved with the Fourth Year GCSE Art & Design students. She set them the title Natural Textures as a starting point for their latest project something that inspires her to produce her work.

This visit was the first of two. She will re-join us in February to run an all-day workshop for the GCSE 4th & 5th Year students demonstrating the techniques that she uses in her work.

Nick Eggleton, Head of Art & Design, Godolphin