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Fourth Year direct performance of 'The Demon Headmaster'

The Demon Headmaster 104

Thursday saw the performance of 'The Demon Headmaster' a piece developed and produced by the Fourth Year and performed by the First to Third year.

With so many fourths wanting to take part and having only had their own experience of this type of project as First Year students taking part as actors, it has been a challenging project.

With lots of cast members to help and support, the students have been completely independent with this project, they tried roles in the theatre they have never experienced before and have been able to understand just how much must be planned as well as how well a team has to communicate for a production to come to fruition.

The cast and crew have dedicated a lot of time and effort to their project and have learnt a lot from this experience and every year, it provides a completely unique and independent piece of theatre that they should be proud of creating.

Rebecca Houston, Head of Drama

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