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Celebrating literature with Godolphin's Poetry Evening

141 Godolphin Literacy Festival 16Th Oct 2019 Photo By Ash Mills

As part of the Godolphin Literary Festival, students from across the Senior School recited poems on a theme of Truth for Poetry Celebration. Head Girl, Cecilia Lockyer opened the event with a rendition of Polonius' speech from Hamlet and there followed a delightful selection of works, many in a range of languages studied at the school: German, French, Spanish and Mandarin. Our terrific new First Year students performed group poems with great confidence and enthusiasm, making a memorable addition to the event. Other individual contributions were made by Betty Blythe and Jessica Giddens; Lani Wei and Dr Clinton Thrower recited their own original works. It was a wonderful occasion and a lovely way for the students to contribute to a remarkable week in which Godolphin celebrated literature in all its forms.

Photographs from the evening, taken by Ash Mills, can be found here.

Cristina George, Head of English