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A Meaningful Afternoon with Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon 5 Crop

On Friday the 21st of September we were fortunate enough to hear a talk from Natasha Devon MBE on mental health, body image and social equality. It was extremely informative and interesting and everyone that went enjoyed and benefited from Natasha’s words greatly. She shared her own experiences with us about her mental health problems and told us about how talking and being honest about sensitive subjects like our mental health is strong and bold and definitely not a sign of weakness. She also spoke about her current campaign with which she is trying to change the law and with over 190,000 signatures, is taking to parliament. It is called “Where’s your head at?” and aims to have a “mental health first aider” (someone who anyone can talk to about how they feel) in every workplace rather than just a physical first aider for injuries. This is to improve the mental health of the nation especially at work and to reduce the stigma around speaking out about your problems. Natasha’s three tips to stay mentally healthy were to do half an hour of one of the following a day; exercise, something creative or mindfulness. Her advice has helped many people and Godolphin were extremely grateful to hear the great advice first hand. Thank you Natasha from Godolphin, for an inspiring, funny and very beneficial talk.

Izzy Gilligan, Fifth Year