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Caring Spirit in Prep

Shoe Donation

This term Prep girls have been focusing on their caring spirit. The girls and their parents have sent clothes and toys to a village in Africa. They were very moved by the photograph and reply they received.

The response they received said:

"The sports shoes donated were so appreciated. This student was abandoned in the village when he was around 2 years old but nobody would take him in as they didn’t think he would last the week. They eventually found a surrogate grandmother and he is now doing extremely well - bright and well behaved.

He was previously wearing girls shoes several sizes too big and falling to pieces. The sports shoes are now his pride and joy and his every day shoes.

So many other stories of gratitude.

Thank you to every one who acted so quickly and generously, making so many children very happy."

Julia Miller, Head of Godolphin Prep

Shoe Donation