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OGA Leavers' Dinner kickstarts our Upper Sixth leavers' celebrations

OGA Leavers Dinner 138

With exams ahead and study leave in sight, the Upper Sixth and Godolphin Sixth team, went to OG Hannah Thomas’ beautiful cafe, Herbs & Wild for our leaver's dinner. This beautiful setting was the perfect place for our dinner, and I would like to extend a massive thank you to Hannah, her team and the OGA for organising the event.

The OGA plays a vital role in the Godolphin community, organising events and providing a constant source of advice and help, as we leave Godolphin school life behind. The association brings together Old Godolphin girls alike, creating a vast network of OG’s that are varied in both skills and knowledge. Moreover, being part of a diverse group of people so varied in talents, I can only assume will offer such great opportunities to us all in later life.

With the days at Godolphin coming to an end and becoming an OG myself, the prospect of being a part of a welcoming and happy community is something I am looking forward to. To know that the loving Godolphin sphere continues through adulthood is a massive comfort and I think it is such a lovely thing to be a part of.

To be invited to Hannah’s beautiful cafe was such a special way to kickstart our leavers' celebrations. As an old Godolphin girl herself, Hannah has shown all the Upper Sixth how life can unfold after Godolphin. The ways in which life has changed for Hannah, I’m sure, has demonstrated to all the Upper Sixth that life after Godolphin may never be as straightforward as we may think. As Hannah described, a change in focal point, from science to a food business, was a scary and daunting one. However, she expressed how along the way Godolphin girls are those who have remained with her.

This very reason makes Godolphin life all the more special. With the knowledge that we have all made friends for life and will be surrounded by OG’s alike as we venture into our years beyond Godolphin, is such a beautiful thing. I will be eternally grateful for the supporting community that we have all built at Godolphin, and with the help of the OGA I am sure that this community will only grow.

Jemima B, Upper Sixth Student

To view more photos from the evening follow the link to our Photo Gallery

16 Sep, 2021 Sixth form
OGA Leavers Dinner 2021!