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Interesting and insightful FYFF with surveyor Stuart Earl and Army medic Dr Russell Owers


Last week, we were fortunate to be joined by two guests for our Find Your Future Friday session.

Stuart Earl joined us to talk about one of the few areas of work that has sustained some growth in the past year - property and construction. As a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, he has worked on a huge number of projects, from Oxford Colleges to the new development for the iconic Strawberry Field site in Liverpool. He opened our students' eyes to the opportunities and possibilities involved in this career area.

A big thank you to Russell Owers who also joined us online with Sixth Form and Fifth Year students interested in being medics in the Army. Dr Owers qualified as a medical doctor at Cambridge and joined the Army as a doctor, serving all over the world. He reflected upon the differences between being a doctor in the army, and as a civilian. Both do great work, but the camaraderie involved working with and treating fellow soldiers is a great part of the job.

Thank you to both Stuart and Russell for joining us. We know the students found both talks very insightful and interesting.

Bethan Ferguson, Head of Bright Futures