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​A-level physics students enjoy Science Live, London

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Our A-level physics students enjoyed a day at Science Live, London this week.  The day consisted of a series of talks and a session from an examiner.

Dr Andrew Pontzen talked about the latest theories of dark matter and dark energy.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili honed in on the smallest phenomena of quantum mechanics, in particular a new field of quantum biology.

Dr Michael Brooks talked about how Einsteinian physics revolutionised the way we approach this enigma.

Dr Suzie Sheehy discussed how particle accelerators have been central to furthering our understanding of the universe and everyday uses.

There was also an exam session offering some great practical advice for exams.

The girls wrote some comments as follows:-

“ I liked Dr Michael Brooks talk on ‘What is time?’ He explored the nature of time, and discussed whether we might manipulate it enough to make a human time machine!”

“ I really enjoyed Dr Helen Czerski’s talk which links physics theory with our daily life. It offered a lot of ideas about how to carry out an experiment about things you are interested in.”

“I found the exam tips given by Michelle Oldfield useful. She pointed out lots of examiner’s words which can help me improve my exam result.”

“ Dr Andrew Pontzen’s talk really inspired me. He illustrated the talk in a very mysterious atmosphere. It make me think of the galaxy, the universe and the solar system. It was very enjoyable and I would like to know more about this unknown area.”

“I found the talk by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, on the application of quantum mechanics in biology, the most interesting. From explaining the theory on how birds navigate the Earth’s magnetic field to cancer research, this talk highlighted the many fascinating, and possibly yet unknown, applications of physics.