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Talented Artist OG Claire Sandars returns to Godolphin as 2021 Artist in Residence

047 Godolphin School 21St March2021 Photo By Ash Mills

Old Girl and painter Claire Sandars returned to Godolphin on Sunday to run a day's Artist in Residence Workshop with this year's GCSE Fourth Year Artists. Claire set her project back in November on the title Fauna, and our Godolphin students drew their inspiration from Claire's own paintings and first-hand studies of animals local to them during Christmas and the lockdown period.

Claire was eager to return to complete the project before Easter. She ran five separate workshops during the day allowing the students to benefit from some of the materials and techniques that she uses in her own work. In addition, she assessed each students' studies on a one-to-one basis so that together they proposed a way forward for future development.

We are extremely grateful to Claire for giving up her time and for leading such an inspiring project. For more photos, please head to the Photo Gallery.

Nick Eggleton, Head of Art & Design at Godolphin