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It has been wonderful to have the girls back in School and to be able to make live music again

Spring Concert 2021038 Godolphin School 18Th March2021 Photo By Ash Mills

Welcome to our Spring Concert. It has been wonderful to have the girls back in School and to be able to make live music again. During lockdown rehearsals took place at the same time as normal, with all ensembles and choirs singing and playing, by themselves, to backing tracks. They were muted of course, but the visual effect was great. The girls came back to School having practised hard and settled with amazing skill and energy into live performance once more. Our Spring Concert is the result of all that work, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making these recordings. You will also find a full selection of photos in the Photo Gallery.

I would like to pay tribute to all the coaches and conductors who have worked so hard during lockdown to maintain the quality of musical performance at Godolphin. It has been an enormous amount of work but worth every minute when you see just how committed our students are. I would also like to thank Melody Lewis, the Marketing department and Ash Mills for lending us all their technical skill in recording and editing this performance.

Ensemble Conductors & Coaches

Emma Hattersley, Mrs Hattersley's Orchestra
Richard Parsons, String Quartet
Jane Littlemore, Clarinet Consort
Olivia Sparkhall, Vocal Ensemble - With special thanks to Katie Flanaghan on Harp
Robin Highcock, Godolphin Choir & Godolphin Orchestra
Sally Stocks, Senior Flute Ensemble
Alexandra Standing, Trio & Accompanist

Have a very Happy Easter and enjoy the Godolphin Spring Concert 2021.

Robin Highcock, Director of Music