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Inspirational art at Godolphin's annual art exhibition

20190523 180010016 I Os

The annual Godolphin Art and Design Scholars' Exhibition on Thursday 23 May showcased the work of this year’s examination students including work from the Senior Scholars. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to display not only final finished pieces but also the preparatory studies which support it. This includes mounted sheets of studies, work journals, sketch books, written personal investigations, models and maquette’s. It goes to show just how much hard work and effort goes into the production of the work as a whole and the lengths that students today have to go to get high marks. Here at Godolphin we are pretty unique allowing students to cover a whole range of materials techniques and processes within the four areas of study which are Three Dimensional Design, Painting Drawing and Printmaking, Textile Design and Digital Photography. Hopefully the exhibition will give staff, students governors, the local arts community, teachers and examiners from other schools etc. an insight into what we do and the lengths that our students go to in their quest to reach their personal goals.

Photographs from the evening can be found here.

Nick Eggleton, Head of Art & Design