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Godolphin releases World Premiere

026 Godolphin School 5Th May2021 Photo By Ash Mills

Godolphin releases World Premiere of a motet written for their Vocal Ensemble by the Master of the Queen's Music, Judith Weir.

Judith Weir has set words by Dame Julian of Norwich: We sekyn here rest. They come from Revelations of Divine Love which is said to be the earliest surviving example of a book in the English language, written by a woman. The performance was released on Julian of Norwich’s Feast Day, Thursday 13 May 2021.

This work forms the final part of a four-part series of works as a collaborative project between Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. and Godolphin . The first three works in the series - All shall be well, by Carol J. Jones; Our Endless Day, by Hilary Campbell; Love was his meaning, by Gemma McGregor - have been published by Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. in Volume 2 of the ground-breaking series Sacred Music by Women Composers.

Olivia Sparkhall, Director of Godolphin Vocal Ensemble, commented,

Sung in 14th Century Middle English, and accompanied by harp, this is a moving setting of words written by a woman who lived most of her adult life in self-isolation. There are distinct parallels with our experiences over the past year, where much of the rehearsing for this premiere has taken place remotely, and during which time many of us have experienced self-isolation for ourselves. We are tremendously grateful to Judith Weir for writing such a powerful piece for Godolphin. I'm incredibly proud of the Vocal Ensemble for their outstanding performance.”

To view the performance, head to Godolphin's YouTube Channel. Head to the Photo Gallery on the website.