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England Lacrosse, National Schools 2022

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Watching Godolphin compete at National Schools 2022 has been amazing and I am so proud of what we have achieved this year. After a two-year break from Nationals due to COVID-19, it was fantastic to see our girls back out on the field competing at such a high level. It was a joy just to watch the days unfold for each team that played. Although there was a mixture of results, their smiles never faded, and Godolphin should be proud of their performance.

Nationals is not only physically draining but emotionally draining as well, from the Upper Sixths' last games to the tears from the coaches on the sideline. I would like to thank the parents for all their support; the catering team that provided food and drink for all the pupils; the Incredible PE staff for the work and support. Finally, I wish all those who played their last lacrosse game for Godolphin the very best and I hope you continue to play the game wherever you move on to.

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Jamie Powell, Head of Lacrosse

05 Mar, 2019
National Schools Lacrosse Championships 2019