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D&T Chalke Valley History Festival Project


During the Easter break, some of our Fourth Year GCSE D&T students came in for a workshop day with Mrs McNulty and Mr Conner.

They had been invited to take part in an exciting project for the Chalke Valley History Festival - helping to build a giant-sized model of a Hawker Typhoon aeroplane.

Our task was to manufacture the leading edge ribs within the wings of the model. After some instruction, the girls started construction.

After tracing around the CAD templates supplied by Qinetic, they used portable jigsaws and the sanding machine to produce profiles from 18mm thick plywood.

Having started the day feeling a bit nervous, the girls were soon working independently and with a great deal of accuracy. It was a fun day, and really helped boost the girls confidence, as well as developing skills which will be useful in their D&T coursework next year.

We are now excited to see the finished model at the festival

Suzie McNulty, Head of Design & Technology