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Rock Bottom really does ROCK!

Rock Bottom 34

For the last few weeks, Prep Years Three, Four, Five and Six have been collaborating with the Drama department to create their own interpretation of the musical, ‘Rock Bottom’ a rocking musical featuring the tale of Bobby Cobblestone, a young inventor who wishes to work for the most famous celebrity in all of Rock Bottom, Lady Lava! With a feast to honour the local Volcano and Lady Lava mining her magic ingredients to ensure she stays young forever, a fantastic musical adventure ensues!

The Prep school enjoyed a fantastic community Drama weekend on the 10th and 11th of March, inviting all the students involved and parents to participate in workshops for singing, dancing, prop making and creating costumes; the process has been a fantastic experience of creating work as a Prep community and produced an incredibly polished and professional performance.

The performance itself showed the dedication and talent of all the prep girls including outstanding moments of comic timing; great characterisation and several complicated musical numbers sang brilliantly whilst over sixty students performed difficult synchronised choreography. It really was a Stone Age spectacular!

Photos from the production can be found here.

Rebecca Houston, Head of Drama