English Language

Examination Board: Edexcel

Why study English Language?

A-level English Language is quite different from the English you will have experienced lower down the school. We offer you an excitingly topical and richly varied linguistics course that has been designed to be relevant in our rapidly changing world. Communication is arguably at the heart of all social progress; this course encourages you to investigate how language can be used as a powerful instrument in the development of individuals and communities, businesses and governments, social equality and technology. Studying English Language will crystallise your awareness of how language determines our very existence.
A-level English Language is an invaluable qualification for myriad careers such as journalism, advertising, politics and public relations where the confident use of language to communicate for a range of purposes is paramount. It complements every subject where a command of the English language is key to academic success, but also works particularly well alongside any other language or social science subject such as Psychology. It will particularly suit those students who have enjoyed English as a subject and who now want to specialise in the socio-scientific analysis of language in all its varied forms.

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