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Tasty treats at the Leiths Canape Party

Canape Party 39 Cropped

On 3 December, the Upper Sixth Leiths class, cooked for the Canape Party where we invited guests from our year group and the Food & Nutrition Department. We started preparation and cooking of all the different elements at 3.00pm and plated up at 5.00pm ready for our guests.

The dishes served, inspired by our Leiths tutor, Miss Archer, were lamb shawarma, mushroom and tarragon arancini, keralin chicken, duo of salmon, mini-Yorkshire puddings, quail's eggs, brownies topped with whipped cream and mini pavlova garnished with cream, plum, blackberry and a caramel sauce.

These dishes allowed us to use our knife skills that we have learnt over the four terms and use our knowledge of cooking to finesse the dishes. We served these on artistic serving plates with delegacy and garnish.

Throughout the night we enjoyed the food whilst socialising and chatting. Although it was hard work, rushing around the kitchen, recalling skills from the first term, we all loved every moment of it. Being able to present our friends with the food we had worked so hard on and to show them all the skills we had learned was so rewarding. Our guests and ourselves had a super evening, thank you to everybody.

Molly S, Upper Sixth Leiths student